Who We Are

Owners And Vision

YourDailyHello is a small business with a dream to grow big and help as many people as we can.  

Owned  by Lori Deacon, Founder and Leah Perfect, Vice President of Marketing. 

Located in the Pacific Northwest but capable of covering the U.S. with the vision of reaching anyone that needs our help. We like to think of it as a safety net for anyone living alone, or perhaps a caregiver to someone who can't call for help.

It's A Simple Idea

"One Monday morning, I woke up and started thinking about my week ahead. It was then I realized I had no appointments and nothing scheduled.

Even though I am a real estate professional and generally talk to dozens of people every week, no one was expecting me - which meant no one would be missing me. What if I suddenly died? What if?

That is when it occured to me that my poor animals would likely die of thirst before I was even missed. Many are locked in the barn each night for their comfort and safety - I am their sole caregiver.

You see, I lived alone at the time and have a small  farm.  I have neighbors all around but would they notice if my car didn't leave the driveway? The answer was  NO.  I have tons of friends and family but no one checks on me - I love my independence. I knew someone would eventually check on me but how long would that take?

Or what if I was hurt and just lying somewhere unconcious or injured and unable to call for help?

It could happen anytime - even if I was living in an appartment with people all around - no one whould know.

Are you like me? Do you live alone? Work independently or maybe retired? Do you have pets or maybe the sole caregiver to someone? 

Everyone, no matter how old or independent, should get YourDailyHello." - Founder, Lori Deacon

Makes Sense, doesn't it?

Our Mission is to step into action before anyone else would even know there is a problem, to minimize suffering and give peace of mind to all that rely on us.