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The answer to - "What if?"

Do you ever ask yourself WHAT IF?

What if something happened to you? Who would know?

How long would your pets be without food and water?

What if you are lying at the bottom of your stairs? Who would call for help?

Who we are

We are the help you need to stay safer and independent.  It doesn't matter how old you are.  If you live on your own, does someone say hello every day? That is what we do.  And if you don't say hello back - we will make sure you are alright.

How we do it

Once we have you in our system, we will send you a simple email 

every day.

You just need to click the "I'm Good" button and we know you're OK. But, if you don't respond within 24 hours - we will call you.  If we can't reach you, WE WILL SEND HELP!

It is as simple as taking a daily pill.

For only $30 a year - we can be YourDailyHello.

Contact Us

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*We would love to tell you how our program works. Send us an email or call us.  And, let us know if you are interested in signing up - or maybe seeing if this service could work for someone you care about. You or they just need to be able to check your email every day. And with a smart phone, you don't need a computer.

Or, ask us about our fundraising program for your non-profit.

YourDailyHello, Inc.

PO Box 173, Lakebay, WA 98349, US


As Easy As Taking A Daily Pill

1st - We send you an email everyday.

You just need to open & click on it and we know you have checked in for the day - so we know you are ok.

There is a simple email link for you to let us know if you will be away from email, out of the country or just someplace other than home for a while.

2nd - if you don't check your email within 24 hours, we will call or text you.

It may just be an oversight.  Once we connect with you, that will satisfy us that you are ok.

3rd - If we can't contact you within 24 hours, we send help!

We will contact your local Fire or Police department and send you a wellness check.  These are your HelloHeroes.

If you are hurt or worse, they step into action.  

You just need to let us know where you will be if you are away from home.